Animated wind values only affect new particles

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Greg Platt asked 6 years ago

If I have an emitter emitting particles with the wind force applied and I change the wind amount over time, those changes will only affect new particles born after the value changed instead of all the particles currently in the scene.  Is there a way to get the wind animation to affect all particles so I can adjust wind values on the fly?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

The animation you describe requires simulation, luckily we just added this to our latest release. If you wish to just fake it, you could try to animate a turbulence node position value to move all the particles.

Greg answered 6 years ago

Possible that I’m not explaining it right but it shouldn’t require simulation. This is the way trapcode Particular wind has functioned for years. Basically just applies a directional force to all the current particles. I don’t know if stardust’s wind force is intended to be different though. Either way I am incredibly excited to check out the simulation update! If it can affect all particles and also take into account inertia, it’ll be the best of both worlds! 

mico answered 2 years ago

I am currently encountering the same problem. I am moving the light emitter from the front to the back and animating the wind Z in the process, but the old particles are not being affected by the new wind. I have looked here and tried everything I could think of but could not get it to work. Please help me as clearly as possible.The further back you go, the newer the particle. The wind animation does not affect the old particles and they are out of alignment, although they should be in a single line.

mico answered 2 years ago


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