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Arthur Novikov asked 3 years ago


Looking for help: I made a scene in C4D with animated camera that flies between objects. How can i import it in stardust with this animated camera that saved in my OBJ sequence (already tries to tick “Load sequence”)? When I load it by Model Node, Stardust just putting it into scene without any camera animation.
P.S. tried to separately import C4D cam into my sequence, but sizes and its movement doesn’t match at all, so this variant isn’t good.
Thanks a lot,

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Stardust doesn’t import camera from the obj files, there are other file types that include camera info (Stardust supports for now OBJ) , obj’s dont. 
Stardust places newly created object in comp centre, as it is common in After Effects, in 3d packages, usually the world centre is at (0,0,0) so what you should do is move the OBJ to (0,0,0) , you can create a control null for this model ,and move that null to 0 .
There also may be Axis differences between packages, you can use the basic settings of the flip x,y,z to match your 3d package axis.
Please send us an email for further help.

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