Orient box emitter to null.

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Matt Pitt asked 11 months ago

I’m trying to drive the position and rotation of a box emitter with a null layer. The null layer is using a lookAt expression to control it’s orientation so that it always points at another layer. However, if I link the null’s orientations into the box emitter’s Angle X,Y,Z the two don’t match up since they use a different rotation order. I tested using a Model Primitive linked to the null, and that rotated perfectly. Is there a method I can link a box emitter to a null in the same way Models, Layer Emitters, etc do?
(I have tried using other methods – emitting from a layer, spline, path – but using a box or sphere emitter seems to be the only way to get proper sub-frame time sampling of motion. The other emission methods all seem to only emit per frame, making the particles stepped.)

2 Answers
admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Could you please send us an email with the affected comp ? 

Buck Raven answered 10 months ago

Did this ever get resolved? Would be great if an answer and project file was posted for others to deconstruct. Thnx.

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