Stardust simulations “diverging” from parameters (inconsistent)

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Will A asked 2 years ago

Been kicking the tires on Stardust. Loving it so far.  One issue I’m having in 1.2 in the plugin diverging from its parameters and simulating something entirely different.
For example, let’s say I make a simple animation in which I keyframe the gravity.  Gravity starts at 0 (particles generate), after some time it changes to 10 (particles fall and hit floor), then after some time it goes negative + I add a force node to cause floor particles to fly back upwards toward the origin.
Simple, except as I’m tweaking the above with the simulation on, it’s like Stardust gets a mind of its own. For example, I can get the particles to float and fall, but when I add keyframes to float them back up, suddenly all particles are floating upwards at all times in the timeline (regardless of gravity parameters and keyframes). I’ve tried deleting and re-keyframing but that doesn’t work.  I’ve tried purging the cache.  Etc.  And the more I tweak it, the more divergent and unpredictable it gets, and suddenly the RAM preview is completely independent of the parameters, and I have to delete the layer and start over.
I read where you need to be mindful about switching simulations on and off, etc.  But this is keyframing and tweaking animations while the sim is on.
Thanks in advance.

2 Answers
admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi,  Please email us the affected comp, so we could have a look at that. Please also try the following – have zero gravity, and animate a directional force instead of the gravity.

joris answered 2 years ago

Lots of answers with: please email the comp. Very helpful of you but also no solutions when reading the forum afterwards …

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