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Ale asked 5 years ago

Hi there!
I set up a branch of 1 emitter and 3 auxiliaries: point emitter shoots out few particles, few particles shoot put more particles wich shoot out a lot of particles with 0 speed to form a straight line.. (Plexus-lookalike 😉
Is there any way to transform the whole setup? if i attach a transform node after each particle node, or if leave the transform node unattached, ever emitter is transformed relatively, an the whole system “falls apart”.. if the transform node is animated, things get completely out of control..
I think of something like grouping the branch an then applying the transform (like subcomping or grouping in photoshop).
Hope I could explain it well enough.. 🙂

2 Answers
admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Please send us an email with your setup to support@ and we will try to help with that.

Conrad answered 3 years ago

What was the solution to this. I am having the same issue?

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