Would a GPU upgrade increase Stardust performance dramatically?

Support ForumCategory: QuestionsWould a GPU upgrade increase Stardust performance dramatically?
Nick asked 5 years ago

I know this is probably a silly question, but would i be seeing a huge increase in performance in Stardust if i upgraded a 1080GTX to a 2080ti?
According to pudget systems, GPU doesn’t really affect AE performance (normally CPU bound), however with Stardust being a GPU plugin i assum i’d notice a huge difference.
Any idea on this would be greatly appreciated!


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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, you will see high increase in performance in some set-ups and on other possibly not, as render / simulation time has many factors.  

Nick answered 5 years ago

Thanks! One other question, does Stardust use multi-core processing for simulation? 

PJ answered 4 years ago

Can I add a follow-up question: Would two GPU’s (Nvidia) using SLI improve performance? I’ve got two 1080’s around and would like to know if it’s worth MOBO upgrade to get SLI running.

PJ answered 4 years ago

Also, could we have an answer to @Nick’s previous question RE multi-core / multithread rendering?

Nick answered 4 years ago

RJ, I upgraded to a 2080ti and an AMD 3950x (64gb ram) and sadly saw only a slight improvement in performance – nothing significant (maybe 20%).
Previous system was an i7 6700k, 16gb ram and a GTX 1080.
The gpu is hardly tickled – doesn’t even bother going to boost clock speeds, and it looks like Stardust only uses 2 cores (out of my 16!). Really hope they optimise this plugin better. I have Notch (which is a real time graphics program) but would way rather work with Stardust, the render times just seem crazy, especially for my system.

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