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mike Roberts asked 6 years ago

hey dudes – having a hard time figuring out how to get a z depth pass.  Is there a tutorial on how to set that up?  I applied it in the render settings but it doesn’t change it…  
Can anyone help?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi , please send an email to support@  and we will help with the setup.  

Florian answered 6 years ago

While Mike probably had taken care of his setup , this doesn’t help other users in the forum here. Is there a guide or general Info on this? I have the same problem – i activated the depth pass, but the output remains the same.. 

Andrew answered 4 years ago

I would like to know the answer to this question too. It would help if the support staff would share the instructions here, not just in private email. Then anyone searching for the information could find it quickly and easily.

Michael answered 4 years ago

I also can’t get the z-buffer to function as expected. Or even yield results of any kind. Best practices would be immense in helping me to use this tool.

inkpix answered 4 years ago

Guys, i just made a quick test and… In render settings choose depth in render output. THEN, you can adjust the depth in the \\\”clipping\\\” submenu. (not in Z buffer) BUT : i do not understand indeed why you do not answer in the forum…is there any way to have all theses little tips for everyone ? It could be a game changer for thoses who use stardust ! Cheers !

Connor answered 3 years ago

I cannot have any fog or depth generated with particles using 2D textures. Want to create depth but it just seems impossible using the DEPTH output, and by using the fog setting. Could really use some help here.

Roei Tzoref answered 3 years ago

thank you inpix, clipping does make it work. it creates an alpha you can control. from here to a depth map is easy. no need to change depth in the render output (it doesn’t work for me, I only have 2d and not 3d models)
here’s a screen grab: https://imgur.com/a/56oAwi6

I think fog and depth are only for 3d models

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