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larry ho asked 3 years ago

I’m setting up a 3d particle emitter and I’m trying to setup a flock of birds that auto motion orient to a curve.  any ideas on how to approach this effect?

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi , please send us an email with your setup to support, and we will try to help.

Jose Camacho answered 1 year ago

Did you find the answer? Im trying to do the same.

admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Jose, when using the motion node with a light path you can set it to orient along the path 

Paul Roper answered 1 year ago

I’ve just bought Stardust and I’m trying to achieve something similar – sharks swimming along a path. No matter what I try, the shark particles will not align to any kind of spline/light path. I have a Motion node, with Motion Type set to Light Path. The sharks swim along the light path, but their orientation does not change. The ‘Orient To Path’ checkbox has no effect at all. Also, the Particle Node’s Rotation Properties also seem to have very little effect: Changing the particle’s Up Axis does nothing, the Rotation Over Life graph has no effect, the Orient To: has no effect. I can change the angle of the particles with Angle X, Y, Z. I’d like to limit the rotation to 2D.
So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
~ Paul


Caroline answered 11 months ago

Im having the same problem, neither rotation properties orient – or orient to path checkbox in motion node work – am I missing something?

p.cajero answered 6 days ago

I’m also having the same issue. Can’t get particles to orient along the path. 

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