Superluminal Stardust installation problem.

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Serdar asked 7 years ago

I’m Serdar
I cant install Superluminal Stardust. I don’t know why and just follow the steps you see below. But I can not see it in After Effects. I made a video footage while loading. I can also send the video.

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admin Staff answered 7 years ago

Please send us an email, and we could try and help.

John answered 1 year ago

AE 2023, same problem in Windows 10. Stardust trial finishes installing but it’s not showing up in AE as it’s not copying any file in After Effects plugins folder. AE is in the default location. It seems that you’re having this problem for a good while now reported by many without any solution. 

Sasha answered 1 year ago

I have the same problem in AE 2023, Windows 10. While applying the plugin, an error occurs (25::3). This effect cannot be applied as it cannot be initialized

Anm8or answered 1 year ago

bump. . .plug in is basically useless if AE does not recognize it.  It did wwhen it was installed as it had to go through some type of setup, however the effect presets and gui do not show up in AE.  I was ready to buy if I could do this one simple starfield effect. . .

Iwan answered 10 months ago

Hello. I have the same problem. After Effects does not recognize the Stardust plugin. It is also missing in the plugins folder. My version of after effects 2023. Windows 10. I sent you a letter, but I didn’t receive a response.

C. Hess answered 9 months ago

Has support for this been abandoned?  I have sent a couple emails to but no response from support.

Vicky answered 9 months ago

I have the same problem – the plugin doesn´t work.
I have Apple M1 Max and the newest AE version.

How is it possible, that we get no answer to our emails? Wrote 2 to the support email. I installed it and its in the Plugin Folder, but it don´t show up at After effects. Also re-installed AE, but …no Stardust. I paied 250 bugs for this, this is really annoying …

Vicky answered 9 months ago

I finally have a solution that has now worked for me at least: > Apple M1 Max, Ventura, AE 2023 (23.6)> Plugin purchased on: 1. uninstall all Stardust plugin tries you have done2. download the AE Scripts Managers from aescripts.com3. buy the Stardust plugin4. start the AE Scripts Manager (see 2.)5. your purchases are displayed in this manager > install the stardust plugin6. start After Effects7. when you use Stardust for the first time, you have to drag the effect to your target layer and click on \”Register\” in the Effect Settings window and enter the license key (see here: I hope this helps some of you.Because the normal Mac version of the plugin didn\’t work for me, I needed the \”SILICON ONLY\” installation file for the M1 Max.   Greetz, Vicky

shynik answered 8 months ago

hey. my solution in windows. I have upgraded my AE to 2024, as a result, stardust disappeared from plugins panel, so I find it in my Program files folder and copy whole Superluminal folder to the right path – (in my cause its C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Adobe\\\\Adobe After Effects 2024\\\\Support Files\\\\Plug-ins)

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